Terms & Conditions 

Domestic & Commercial Terms And Conditions

If we missed something, we will give you some free cleaning time on us on your next clean.

NOTE: Free cleaning time capped at 20 minutes 

What justifies free time

it is where we did a task but  missed some parts or there still something obvious, for example kitchen bench tops still had crumbs on it after we had cleaned it.

Please check with us first as we may have run out of time.

Conditions free time: Must be blatant, something that is visible and photo evidence provided, must provide photo evidence using a time stamp app & reported within 12 Hours.

PLEASE be aware once any payment is made, after such time kingdom kleaning also holds no responsibility or liability for condition of premise as you are accepting the premises condition, so make sure you inspect the premise first before paying and within the 12 hour time frame so that you maybe eligible as outlined in conditions free time.


Same Day Cancellation: 50% of Full invoice or quoted price.

Exemptions on cancellation fees: Family or medical emergency.

Cancellation fees are in place to cover time & income loose, as the possibility of securing another job is unlikely in a short time frame.

*Written quotes are now required

*Our Quoted prices are an estimate and a guide only are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: we do not offer refunds


Late Payment fee:


A '3 strike and your out' rule now applies, if condition on late payments are not met, not only will you be issued with late fees and at risk of the maximum rate, you will have your service cancelled after the 3rd strike, and pay any late fees if any owing.

Conditions on late payments: All you have to do is notify us  bthe due date when it will be payed or if you need an extension, out side of those time frames late fees maybe issued at our discretion up to a maximum of $180 per invoice. 

 We endeavor not to issue late fees, so please pay on time, and notify us prior to due date if there are any issues


Our payment terms are strictly 5 Days To Pay on all Cleaning, exemption of end of lease payment T&CS. 

End Of Lease Terms And Conditions

We take every reasonable solution/method to clean to a standard that does not damage property, and to a high standard.

 If we need to use a method that has potential to damage property to get it to the standard required, we will leave a condition report to that effect and abandon the task.

If rubbish removal is required, please notify us at the time of booking so we can ensure we include this in the service and quote.

We also encourage clients or agents to directly contact us immediately if there are any issues found after a clean is done so we can rectify it as soon as possible.

Attention Tenants: 

If you are considering hiring us, we aim to clean to real estates standard they require of us to ensure you get your bond back, so if you give us a list of items to only do a partial end of lease that does not cover a full end of lease clean, you will be required to sign a waiver with the list of items that kingdom kleaning are only responsible for, all other items not required to be cleaned by us if the real estate deems those items unsatisfactory, we are under no obligation to return to clean these items.

You will be required to send the waiver to your real estate real estate agent prior to clean commencing, to ensure they are aware of the arrangement.

Attention Agents: 

On all our end of lease cleans we leave a End of lease call back card, this is to contact us directly in a timely manner so we can rectify any items that need more attention or even to double check with us anything you are unsure about.

This will be left on bench tops for your convenience.

This is to make sure the rental and bond is finalised ASAP.  We are a business and can be busy, this gives us time to organise to come back in an efficient timely manner.

If failing to do so, we may refuse to return to finalize bond and rental premise.

Payment terms:

For Tenants:

   1. 50% on final invoice is required within 24hrs of completion of clean. Tenants if you wish to use your bond to make final payment, so ensure tenants talk to your property manager to arrange it, and we’ll send the final remaining invoice directly to them.                                                                                                          

   2. If tenants paying the full amount, 50% on final invoice is required within 24 hours of completion of clean, tenants then will have 5 working days to pay the full outstanding amount.

Outside of these time frames we will enforce and issue $60 late fee even on 50% down payment, and if matters escalate your real estate agent will be contacted to claim your bond to cover clean.

 *Written quotes are now required

* Our Quoted prices for end of lease cleans are an estimate and a guide only are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: we do not offer refunds

- Invoices to be paid within the due date regardless of agent inspections and if we are required to return on end of lease cleans.

- Ensure the premises is fully vacated and empty prior to clean, or your clean will be postponed or cancelled and a $80 late fee will apply.


Return to clean:

Due to the nature of these cleans, it is now company policy that after 72 hours after clean is completed, we as a cleaning business hold no responsibility for the condition of the premise, as it has been observed any longer period the premise can become dirty, dust can settle, and bug and insects lay in tracks or on floors and perish or other personnel have entered the property and caused the property to become dirty.

  If inspection is done on or after 5 days of completion of clean we may not return for any items deemed missed, and we may also charge a fee to return if items found need no future attention.