Terms & Conditions 


Regular Cleaning T&Cs

Regular Cleaning Payment Terms: 3 days

Anything blatantly Missed: Photo evidence using a time stamp app within 12 hours - free 30 minutes on us on your next clean



T&Cs For bond, vacate, pressure cleaning, mould cleaning & carpet cleaning & Payment terms 


 Our payment terms:  

  • Full amount quoted upfront the day the clean is to commence, invoice will be issued upon quote approval.

  • Until paid in full, Service will be cancelled if no payment is received the day the clean is to commence.

  • Any extra time  applied needs to be paid within 5 days after clean is completed, talk to your agent about claiming your bond to cover the remaining outstanding amount if needed.

  • If we fall under the price you paid we will personally deliver a $50 bunnings gift voucher to your door.

How do we know we came under price?​

We keep record of time and breaks had to accurately determine actual cleaning time.

*Extra time will apply based on the condition, floor size and/or access. It will be invoiced at completion of clean.


In a standard 3 bedroom home there are 950+ items to be checked off & passed by us.

  • Late fees apply (this applies to Extra time only)

  • If your a real estate agent, please let us know when we can expect payment if it won't be paid by due date.

  • ALL invoices 30 days or more over due will be referred to our debt collection agency for payment and back dated at $20 dollars per day.

Any cleaning of walls and blinds is now a separate service and only done when authorized by tenant or agent and done by us when time is available. If we were unaware of condition prior to clean commencing,  these areas will be left if they require cleaning, unless previously factored in on quote or work orders.

Check out our wall cleaning & blind policy on our check list and price guide page

  • Carpet Cleaning - Will see an hourly rate charged as outlined on our price guide page if staining is present that we weren't made aware of that needs to be removed.

  • Pressure Cleaning - Will see extra time added & Invoiced if time allocated is exceeded.

  • Mould Cleaning - Generally will be done within time frame set out, but any extra time will be added & invoiced



  • Same Day Cancellation: $75

  • Exemptions on cancellation fees: Family or medical emergency.


NOTE: we do not offer refunds as we back our work.

What we do offer: https://www.kingdomkleaningtamworth.com/complimentryservice

  1. Ensure the premises is fully vacated and empty prior to clean, or your clean will be postponed or cancelled and a $80 fee will  be charged.

  2. Allow at least a 12-24 hour gap between bond cleaning and carpet cleaning (Unless we are doing it) to make sure the bond clean gets completed prior to carpet cleaners arriving. Us having to return later may interfere with carpet cleaning or other booked services and this may incur extra charges.


  1.  All quotes given take in consideration of the costs associated to the business to complete the job.

  2. Quotes are an estimate and a guide only and are subject to change without notice.

​ *Written quotes are now required to be sent out

Returning to clean - 48 Hour Guarantee & Warranty On Your Bond & Vacate Clean

 We have a 48 hour Guarantee & warranty after your clean is completed where we return to investigate & rectify/clean items deemed unsatisfactory. Nature & unforeseen circumstances are out of our control unless it's something that is obvious and missed by us,  as it has been observed any longer period the premise can become dirty, dust can settle, and bug and insects lay in tracks or on floors and perish or other personnel have entered the property and caused the property to become dirty within the 48 hour time frame, after this time frame we hold no responsibility or liability.

  What Can Void Your 48 Hour Guarantee & Warranty?

If tenants or unauthorized personnel enter the premises after the clean is completed before final inspection, exception of other service providers and agents.

On all our bond cleans we leave a call back card for agents this is to contact us directly in a timely manner so we can rectify any items that need more attention or even to double check with us anything you are unsure about, this will be left on bench tops.

This is to make sure the rental and bond is finalized ASAP.  We are a business and can be quite busy, this gives us time to organize to come back in an efficient timely manner, this is also to assist for a quick turnaround.

If failing to do so, we may not be able to return to  finalize bond and rental premise  which will prolong turn around on bond return for tenants and new tenancy affecting land lord revenue, this is a simple tool to  notify  us if we need to return,  soon as anything is noticed that we may need to return for, even if its even a simple text message soon as you observe anything, or even just to clarify anything.

For every day taken for us to be notified leaves a good chance we have booked out and time won't be available.

If you have any questions or need some clarification around our T&C's please feel fee to get in touch, more than happy to help.