Windows, tracks & gauzes - DIY Tips

Another area to save some time is having your windows, tracks & gauzes cleaned regularly.

For us we remove gauzes to clean windows, so its a good opportunity to clean them with a dust pan brush, or a good wash and scrub.

Windows- A way to learn is get on youtube and look up window cleaning, and learn how to use a squidgy, its actually how I personally fine tuned my window cleaning skills.

Tracks- You can buy from bunnings what they call track busters, very durable and tough, use it to first bust up dust and insects and us your vacuum with a crevise tool to suck it all out, We recommend doing your tracks first before window cleaning.

Also if you have time, buy a cobweb brush and do the cobwebs around your gutters, windows and eves.

The cleaner the house especially theses areas outlined will help us meet the quoted price and help you budget for the bond clean.

I hope you have found this help full, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions :)