Updates on our bond cleaning

In this blog post we are going to address and communicate some changes we have made around bond cleaning, specifically around walls and blinds.

Walls particularly can be a contentious issue, so we have made some changes made in this area and also blind cleaning.

Moving forward these areas will now been deemed as separate services, and the decision making will now rest on powers that be, either agents or tenants to authorize cleaning of walls and blinds.

These services will be itemized on the invoice.

A lot of the time we are finding walls in homes quite bad of late and are left with no time to do them, as it hasn't been factored in or we haven't been told the truth. as what we would normally quote or charge is for a standard clean which doesn't include cleaning walls or blinds, as these are not always required to be done, unless we have visually seen the home, specify without furniture (empty house) and factored into quote.

Moving forward these items will be charged at a separate rate and service, if the walls & blinds need doing and we are unaware, they will be left untouched, and relevant parties notified, and will only be done if time permits, as a lot of the time we have other work booked and time doesn't permit to do walls or blinds.

You will find all the information you need in below link and company policies around walls and blinds.



Thank you for your understanding


Kingdom Kleaning