T&Cs Explained

In this blog post I will run through our T&Cs and a bit of a break down, by no means are they to scare you, but you give you a guide and to help you much as possible, and understand us as a business, our expectations and obligations.

Firstly we will start with payment time frames and terms.

Reason we have these in place is to have a safe guard against late payments and a guide to clients when payment is due, and an outline of penalties or fees if over due.

They are also boundaries or what we tolerate or accept, if you can hire us you can pay us with in the time frames.

"Our payment terms:

  • Full amount upfront the day the clean is to commence, invoice will be issued upon quote approval.

  • Until paid in full, Service will be cancelled if no payment is received the day the clean is to commence.

  • Any extra time or penalties applied for poor condition than stated needs to be paid within 5 days after clean is completed, Or pay full quoted price outlined by due date ( day of clean) and talk to your agent about claiming your bond to cover the remaining outstanding amount."

-At a minimum we now require what we quote you up front ( on the day) as these cleans can throw you some surprises, and we endeavour to make sure you have an option to raise more finances if the bond clean happens to blow out, especially if going in unseen, to ensure make it as fair as possible.

*Penalties will apply anywhere between 10% up to 100% mark up of the quoted price based on the condition of the house and extra time taken. It will be invoiced at completion of clean. (Applies to bond & vacate cleaning only)

Same day cancelation is in place as to find a job to fill in that time frame is almost impossible, and comes at a cost and a lose to the business, especially if we are paying a wage.

  • "Late Payments:

A '3 strike and you're out' rule now applies, Conditions on late payments are not met, you will have your service cancelled after the 3rd strike, and pay any late fees if any owing. "

- If you do it once you'll most likely do it again, so we have safe guard against it, 3 strikes and your out rule, after around 5 days or less we start taking a lose, and affects the business if we are relying on that income to pay staff, bills or consumables. I was told once "you'll get paid when I get paid"

Not quite how it works!!

  • "Conditions on late payments:

Only thing we ask you to do is notify us prior to due date if you need a few extra days (Maximum Of 5 Days) to pay to avoid late fees, out side of this simple request late fees will be issued at $20 per day, So please ensure you notify us prior to due the date."

- Condition on late payments is were we give you a chance to communicate you need more time, but we have also capped the days. 99.9% of the time no one communicates, so please communicate, other wise will enforce the $20 per day rule.

  1. For Tenants- Invoices to be paid within the due date regardless of real estate inspections even if we are required to return after the bond clean.

  2. Ensure the premises is fully vacated and empty prior to clean, or your clean will be postponed or cancelled and a $80 fee will be charged.

  3. Allow at least 48 hours between bond cleaning and carpet cleaning (Unless we are doing it) to make sure the bond clean gets completed prior to carpet cleaners arriving. Us having to return later may interfere with carpet cleaning or other booked services and this may incur extra charges.

  4. If flea treatment is required, please use a carpet cleaner that can do it, as we do not do flee treatment at this stage.

These steps help guide you to a smoother bond clean, and hassle free as possible.

point 1 out lines payments to be made with the due date, as in reality us having to return doesn't affect your bond unless you have damaged to place, than that will impact your bond.

Point 2 - Make sure its fully vacated and empty, other wise we will not start the clean, and we will also issue a fee and cancel your clean till the house is fully vacated, reason for this is if we have other jobs booked in advance we may not get back to do it, and having items or still living there jeopardizes the clean passing inspection and we have to find time to return unnecessarily.

Point 3- If booking to close to carpet cleaning can cause conflict between the two parties, especially if flea treatment is needing to be done, the clean has to be complete first, and also allows room if the clean doesn't go to plan, and extra time is needed.


  1. All quotes given take into consideration of the costs associated to the business to complete the job.

  2. Quotes are an estimate and a guide only and are subject to change without notice."

Point 1 - In our quoting, we quote the estimated time needed based on historical cleans in the past, we don't throw random numbers out and hope for the best.

Point 2 - Backing up point 1, this is mainly for bond cleaning as sometimes it can throw you a few surprises, especially we are quoting unseen.

A few bad experiences has saw us put in place a penalty system, on occasions we been told its in good condition but on contrary in very bad condition, even had someone tell me there house was in good condition, as soon as we asked to inspect they disappeared.

"Returning to clean - 72 Hour Guarantee On Your Bond & Vacate Clean

We have a 72 hour Guarantee after your clean is completed where we return to investigate & rectify/clean items deemed unsatisfactory. Nature & unforeseen circumstances are out of our control unless its something that is obvious and missed by us, as it has been observed any longer period the premise can become dirty, dust can settle, and bug and insects lay in tracks or on floors and perish or other personnel have entered the property and caused the property to become dirty within the 72 hour time frame, after this time frame we hold no responsibility or liability."

- Many occasions it has been observed after a certain period of time the premise can become dirty, naturally or by personnel, I have even seen it happen in less than 72 hours. So we guarantee our work for the first 72 hours, after that, unless its pretty obviously missed or can improve, we hold no responsibility or liability after 72 hours.

"If you are considering hiring us, we aim to clean to real estate's standard they require of us to ensure you get your bond back, so if you give us a list of items to only do a partial bond clean that does not cover a full bond clean, you will be required to send the list of items that kingdom kleaning are only responsible for to the agent and to kingdom kleaning, all other items not on the list that are not required to be cleaned by us, if the real estate deems those items unsatisfactory, we are under no obligation to return to clean these particular items not listed, unless requested by tenant/agent at chargeable time."

- This is to ensure there is no confusion, that all parties are aware or each others roles, to make sure its clear who is doing what and who is not, so if you approach us to do this type of clean, ensure you e-mail us and your agent the same list.

"On all our bond cleans we leave a call back card, this is to contact us directly in a timely manner so we can rectify any items that need more attention or even to double check with us anything you are unsure about.

This will be left on bench tops for your convenience.

This is to make sure the rental and bond is finalized ASAP. We are a business and can be quite busy, this gives us time to organize to come back in an efficient timely manner, this is also to assist for a quick turnaround.

If failing to do so, we may not be able to return to finalize bond and rental premise which will prolong turn around on bond return for tenants and new tenancy affecting land lord revenue, this is a simple tool to notify us if we need to return, soon as anything is noticed that we may need to return for, even if its even a simple text message soon as you observe anything.

For every day taken for us to be notified leaves a good chance we have booked out and time won't be available."

- And finally this is to help ensure we get back asap if we need to, to have a quick turn around for everyone, we have waited up to 3 days to get a response from agents, we live in an economic world, and in the rental market time is money.