Showers And Screens- DIY Tips

One thing we notice a lot around Tamworth is the condition of shower screens, even after a fortnight they can start to calcify, and can become harder to clean.

Some handy tips for maintaining your shower:

1. First of all make sure it is clean before applying any product.

2. Apply a product of your choice, we are currently trialling a product called blue lazer by true blue

chemicals which you can purchase from Northwest chemicals right here in Tamworth NSW, which so far we are having some pleasing results.

Another simple product to try is vinegar and dishwashing detergent, as vinegar is acidic it should also produce good results and reduce the water staining and calcifying.

UPDATE 11/02/2022: So far we are seeing some good results with Blue Lazer to a shower screen we thought was a right off from calcification, so far trial looks very promising.

Mixing ratio for Blue Lazer is 50ML to 1litre of water, up to a maximum of 80ML

Mixing ratio of vinegar: 50/50, or slightly higher vinegar rate, and a good dose of detergent.

A good maintenance technique to try is just dishwashing detergent and water in a spray bottle and spray on the recesses and screens to reduce hardness of water.

To see required results it requires a daily application, depending on the condition of the shower, if in pretty good condition cut back every second day. After around 2 weeks you should see a result and your shower should look cleaner with little to no effort.

3. the idea is to apply this product while showering, liberally and full 100% coverage of shower screen, applying it to shower screens, tile areas from top to bottom of screens and also taps , it creates a " self cleaning action" using the steam and mist on the screens.

An other way to keep them clean is to hire a cleaner that suits your budget, even if it is just to clean your showers and keep them up to date once a week or fortnight, this will keep them from getting heavily calcified and water stained and keep them in good shape.

We hope you find this tip helpful, but remember it doesn't take away the need to do physical cleaning, but we believe it will reduce the need to do it as often, but if it does take away the need to physically clean your shower, than we have achieved more than our expectations of this method.

If you do have good results using the products mentioned above in step 2 we would love to hear from you, and how it gave it more time to your self and less cleaning :)

The cleaner the house especially theses areas outlined will help us meet the quoted price and help you budget for the bond clean.

Keep an eye on these blogs as there can be an update with new information regularly from trails

And also if you need a demonstration, let us know, we will gladly drop around and run through it with you.