Ovens,Rangehoods & kitchens- DIY Tips

One thing we do as a cleaning business is split areas in the house when doing end of lease cleans.

An example would be major areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, windows & tracks etc.

In this post we will give some ideas and tips for ovens and rangehoods & kitchen.


Some ovens can be self cleaning, if yours does have this feature, this will save a lot of time and a lot of effort. The most common is pyrolytic, which heats it up to a temperature round 500C and turns everything to ash, and you just wipe out with a damn cloth.

Please ensure you remove all racking first.

So find out if your oven is self cleaning, this will take the hassle out, even for the cleaner.

Visit your local chemical cleaning supplier for DIY products you can use.

WE use a product from castle chemicals called squeeze me ( yep I know) and can purchased this from north west chemicals for the interior of the oven using a industrial stainless steel scour, ( and no it doesn't scratch it) and we soak the trays and grates in hot water with an over cleaner added, than cleaned with a stainless steel industrial scour.

Ensure you wear safety equipment if using these products, wear gloves as a minimum.


One thing we have found that cleans rangehoods well, is ,pure 100% eucalyptus oil, takes the fat, grease and oil splatter off with ease, this is also good for backsplashes as well, as they tend to cop oil splatter as well.

We have tried it on the filters, by wiping it on, but first may still need to be soaked in hot water, we believe it will also remove it if you spray it on with pure the product, than You can use oven cleaners like acid and hot water, but it can discolour the filters as most are aluminium if left in for to long, dunking is preferred method till all the oil and grease is out, than wipe over with eucalyptus oil.


This area we would be targeting cupboard doors and leading edges as this is can be time consuming in an end of lease clean, a product that we also find that works well pure 100% eucalyptus oil, to remove oily finger prints and splatter marks.


Save your money and get a cleaner in once a month or more depending on condition and budget to do it for you.

The cleaner the house especially theses areas outlined will help us meet the quoted price and help you budget for the bond clean.

keep and eye on these posts as they are updated as new and updated tips come to light.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch, or if you would like a visit from us to give a free demo.