Next Generation: Who will train them if we won't?

A thought that has pondered me lately is around unemployment and why we have to use skilled workers from overseas to fill skill shortages in Australia?

  • Do we have a skills shortage or are businesses not investing in the future generation?

  • Who will train them if we don't?

One thing as a business owner, first time I looked for a new recruit I always looked for experience, rather than investing time into someone to train them, I wanted someone ready to go.

I found this more frustrating than someone new to the cleaning industry as its harder to train them to your business standards and model, rather than someone green.

I think its important to ensure we have a generation to pass our experience onto, what good is a business if it has no one to hand the business onto it 20 years?

  • As a business owner are you willing to sacrifice some money and time to train people?

  • Or are you after the money and someone experienced?

  • Do we realize someday we will have no experience because the next Gen wasn't trained?

Lets ensure we pass on our experience to the next generation so the legacy can live on.

We have a responsibility as adults and business owners to make sure our businesses are kept in the family or passed onto our senior loyal staff.

  • Are you willing to risk your business for foreign ownership?

Australian owned needs to be Australian owned and operated, and even better if its family operated.

I also believe our government has created a toxic culture, who wants to work if the government is paying you to do nothing, these payments have there place, but I believe there needs to be stricter rules around it, 90% of the job applications we get are just to satisfy the requirement to get there fortnightly payment.

In closing if you find your self leaning to use over seas workers, I ask you to consider your own back yard first. will it be easy training someone, absolutely not, but in the end I believe it will be worth it.

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