It Takes Time

One thing I believe is most people including agents don't realize how long it takes, and what really goes into to get them up to standard and the issues we are confronted with, such as being mislead on condition, squeezed on price, house not fully vacated, burning the candle at both ends & the list goes on.

Attention to detail and thoroughness can't be done at lightening speeds, though we try to work at good pace and do it in good time, but we are only human and we simply can't comprise on this issue of price and time, we have to take the time, and charge what we have to, to guarantee we can get the best Possible result we can the first time around.

The ultimate goal for us is the do such a job that we don't have to return, that affects our business revenue, there is times we have to, but generally for minor items that's easily and simply rectified.

What we quote at a minimum is generally historical quote based of previous cleans, I would suggest adding a minimum of 5-10% to cover a little extra.

*Penalties will apply anywhere between 25%-120% mark up of the quoted price based on the condition of the house and extra time taken. It will be invoiced at completion of clean.

For us ultimately it isn't about the money, but it is how we stay in business and how we invest in industry best practices.

its more about producing good results for clients & agents, and also the landlord, And it takes time, we represent 3 people, and have to answer ultimately to the landlord is to why we didn't get it right.

We are in business for the long haul, and will not under cut to get the work, but charge what we need to ensure we have satisfied our obligations on your bond clean, leaving no stone unturned.

Lastly we actually care, care to do the right thing, care to constantly improve, care for your house and bond clean and care its done properly.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions feel free to get in touch.