How To Save Some Money On Your Bond Clean.

In this short post we have some ideas to help save some money on your bond clean.

We do have DYI blog posts that help (link at bottom of page), things we have trialled and still trialling to date that help also.

There are one or two areas that can help you save some money, obviously the rest of your house has to be in reasonably good condition to achieve this.


Learn how to do bathrooms and what's required in a bond clean, this can save at approximately $120-180 if you have two bathrooms in your home.


Learn how to do an oven, there is good product from Bunnings that's simple and easy you use, but ensure you have at a minimum a mask on that stops fumes from initial spraying.

This can save you approximately $60-$90

Generally keeping the house overall in good condition will help us stay on target to meet quoted price, and time allocated.

A few links below that we offer, and if you have any questions or feed back on topics you want to see in our blogs, please let us know.