Bond Clean Pricing

In this blog I'm going to address pricing and some points as a guide we use to determine a price.

1. As a starting point, we go off the house size 2 or 4 bedroom and how many bathrooms.

Secondly if we don't have a visual we ask questions around condition as this can change the quote significantly.

2. Most of the cost & time isn't all based on size but more condition of premise over all, poorer the condition, longer it takes = higher the price.

3. This isn't something that always comes into play regarding price, but access in and around the home, some houses are quite easy and have good access to outside windows etc, other homes not so easy which can affect final invoice.

Our prices are also a guide and an estimate, as to determine an exact price is not always possible with these types of cleans.

The demand is also high for us to get the premise back to a good standard as much as possible, so our prices are also based on the standard required by real estates and Land lords.

We also have a requirement of 50% within 24 hours of clean, but this can also be used as tool to help cover tenants bond clean, than 5 days to raise the rest of the final invoice.

Also book in advance as much as possible, and don't book to close to carpet cleaning as this can cause conflict, we generally do our best to fit you in or get it done before carpets, so book your bond cleaner first before carpet cleaners.

Reach out if you have any further questions about Bond Cleaning, more than happy to help.