Dealing with the challenges

Like life, business has its challenges, whether you are 20 years in or 12 months in. It is what we do with the challenges that arise that can make all the difference. Reflecting on how you handled it, did you handle it well or poorly? It's a question that I constantly ask.

If I am aware of challenge that wasn't handled in the best manner, the important part is accountability. Whether right or wrong, most importantly learning from it and also seeking council from long standing well respected businessmen on how they may have dealt with the challenge of a similar nature and applying it to your business.

My best advice to any up and coming businessmen or women is to find yourself a good mentor, someone to help you get started, and help you navigate challenges within the business. Its something I did early on in the business, and can safely say I would be in a far different position if I didn't pursue a mentor, it's helped me make clear rational decisions, not hasty decisions that gets you into trouble.

Thanks for reading, hope it helps you in some way 😊