Chemical Vs Non Chemical

I believe its easily to fall into the deception that Non - chemical nontoxic products don't work as good as chemical based products.

I myself thought that, till one day I bit the bullet and trialed some chemical free products, to my surprise I found it cleaned just as good if not better than chemical based products, and the best of all, didn't get overwhelmed with fumes, head spins and light headedness.

More I dove into the non-chemical nontoxic products I started to see that myth debunked that they weren't as good as chemical based products.

In today's day and age the technology is there, and most of it is found in your back yard, or you can grow it, things like, lemon myrtle oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, lemon, orange just to name a few, and people are looking for better alternatives than chemical based, or cheap imitations of nonchemical nontoxic products, and cleaners that actually use good quality products. We have and are investing in the quality chemical free alternative, to better look after your heath and even our own.

In last few months we have discovered a chemical free protocol for killing mould, mould in itself is a seen and unseen danger to your health.

Though chemical products might be cheaper than the quality non-chemical range , you have to ask yourself, is it really worth it?

Is it really worth putting your health at risk for the sake of saving a few bucks on a clean?

Our commitment to you is that we will always be moving towards a cleaner, healthier future and investing in quality products that don't harm your health and improves your way of living for your family, even your pets.