Adressing the big fat elephant in the room

This is a post that I've wanted to do for some time, but the time as come to address it, prices.

I am actually going to give numbers, only basic, but numbers that reflect what our basic cost on site scenario would look like before costs.

Below is a link to the award we are under:

On a standard hour day an adult casual employee is on 28.45/Hr, Over time first 2 hours 39.83/hr, after 2 hours 51.21/Hr.

If a cleaner is charging $66/hr inc minus GST as its not profit = $60/hr = $31.55/hr after wage & before any costs come out, keep in mind GST doesn't count as profit to a business as its payable to the ATO.

I was startled by a comment the other day " I thought its was 30/hr each cleaner onsite"

If that's the case we as a business are only left with $2.86/hr before any costs come out.

Frightening to think people believe it costs nothing to run a business!!

Though times are tuff, we need to support small business, and locally owned and grown businesses, or one day you will ask your self where are they all gone?

One thing we don't do as business is compare our business to another cleaning business, though we can learn from one another, out side of that we stick to what we do and know. Obviously we have to play our part in keeping our costs down and keep rates low as possible, but to grow as a business, rates need to be at a level so your actually growing and able to grow.

And also because we are under an award we bound by that award which means we have to pay the award rate and any relevant allowances and over time.

So in conclusion before to try to squeeze a cleaner for a cheaper rate, let it be a reminder its jeopardizing his or her business and a risk of putting them out of business.

Is it worth it?

not hardly

Take the time to ask questions or do research on business, or find a reputable company to talk to.

We as business will certainly not sham contract our staff to avoid paying all the costs associated to having employees.

Cleaners reading this, charge what you need to, don't risk your business for the sake of winning business, and do the right thing by your employees, as this affects the entire industry.

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