Mould Remediation

Our mould cleaning & remediation service offers a natural mould solution protocol used to kill and remediate mould, no use of chemicals & toxins.

This protocol is ideal for sensitive areas, such a vet clinic, childcare centers, people who are sensitive to chemical products

Benefits of this protocol ?

You can be home during the process of diffusing and clean and wipe down, its safe for you and your pets.

As part of the process, we recommend the below 3 steps:

Step 1: first we investigate to see if there might be some recommendations to alleviate the mould from coming back. It could be as simply as leak in the roof, or no exhaust fan or exhaust fan not working correctly or positioned incorrectly, Ideally the issue needs to be rectified first before treating it.

 Step 2:  This is where we use a diffuser to mist a natural mould solution (100% Natural essential oils) in the room over a 24-hour period to kill air borne Mould and on surfaces, Cleaning the surface itself doesn't rectify air borne spores.

*We highly recommend diffusing first for 24 hours or longer if needed for full remediation. 

Step 3: Final Treatment and wipe down of surface areas affected.

 Be aware mould is not to be taken lightly, it can cause severe health issues, and even strata issues in your home and needs to be treated as hazardous at all times and treated with care, 1 inch = 65 million spores.

if you have mould you can guarantee it's also air borne.


Blog post below + case studies:

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We take all the necessary precautions to protect ourselves and dispose of contaminated materials. We use disposable items right down to our cleaning clothes, and at the end of the clean spray down our equipment used in the clean, as one mould spore can cause another colony somewhere else.


We offer to return within 7-10 days to see if any fresh growth has returned. At this point it may need to be investigated further as the cause may not be rectified. 


We can't guarantee all staining will be removed from walls or roofing especially if the mould has been there for some time.

Before we arrive:

  • Please ensure areas are clear that need to be cleaned and have clear access.

  • Ensure all personal items are out of the room/house that needs to be cleaned & and also cover up furniture and pull away from walls for access.

  • Ensure there is no condensation in the room needing clean.

  • Power is on

  • Full payment is made prior to clean commencing.

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