We provide carpet cleaning and flood clean up. 

We love helping and assisting our customers in freshening up their carpets with our high quality cleaning product, and extensive stain removal kit.

NOTE: most stains are removable, but longer they are there the harder they are to get out and in some cases some light staining may remain.

Flood Clean up if you have water in the carpet from a roof leaking, drain leak, sink over flow, what ever the case maybe, we will draw the water out of the carpet with our powerful extraction unit, than treat it with our quality carpet cleaning product that also assists in drying time up to 20% .

Our extraction unit  also has hot water function that will help give your carpet a deep clean and assist in odour removal.

Carpet cleaning photo.jpg
Image by Andrea Davis

Carpet Cleaning & Flood Clean Up 

Before We Arrive

Flood Clean Up/Remediation

  • Ensure the leak/flooding has stopped or is under control before we attempt the clean up

  • Clear access

  • Extent of flooding

Carpet Cleaning

  • Rooms are clear that need cleaning 

  • Extend of staining (if any)  & Type of stain 

  • Clear access

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