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Bond & Vacate Checklist & Price Guide

Bond & Vacate Cleaning (Guides only)


Check out our Bond & Vacate Cleaning check list & price guide to help you get your rental property sparkling clean for final inspection. 





Regular Domestic And Commercial Rate: $80P/H + GST


Bond Cleaning Price Guide


House Size:  

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom:  < $372 INC - $405.9 INC >  (5.5 -6 hours Average)

2 Bedroom 1-2 Bathroom: < $405.9 INC- $439.72INC >   (6-6.5 hours Average)

3 Bedroom 1-2 Bathroom: < $778 INC - $879.45 INC >  (11-13 Hours Average)

4 Bedroom 2 bathroom: < $879.45 INC-$964 INC >      (13 Hours Average)

If you have the floor size (square meterage) of your home, this will help determine a more accurate quote - $3.85 P/SQM INC (guide only)

 A house in good condition should stay within what is quoted, so look after your home!

 * These prices are a guide only and based on a standard clean, they are subject to change depending on condition of premise, size and access, premises must be in immaculate condition to fall below price we quote.


Walls & Blinds Cleaning: $70 P/H

These areas are now classed as separate services by kingdom kleaning

4 Main areas that will potentially see the final invoice increase if not kept in good condition:

1. Walls & Ceilings: Charged at separate rate & service $70P/H 

2. Bathrooms: Minimum 10-15% Extra on quoted price, unless already factored in, in visual quote 

3. Blinds: Charged at separate rate & service $70P/H

4. Kitchens:  Minimum 10-15% Extra on quoted price, unless already factored in

Focus areas, cupboard doors inside and out, spills, heavily marked etc.

  • These are just a few areas that overall, in poor condition can affect the final invoice, and we also need to allocate the time to do it, why its important for us to be aware of it.

  • A good assessment of the house overall, will help determine time & price.

  • When we give you a quote it is our base rate with the assumption there will be little to no extensive cleaning required on the above items.

  • For more accurate quoting, if we are visually going to look at the property, ideally the house needs to be empty. 

Our website has DIY tips to help manage your home.

Other miscellaneous items that can consume time, is running through a condition report doing itemized cleaning, in some instances it is more economical to request a full bond or vacate clean, also access in and around the property can at times play a factor.


Our T&Cs outline penalties for misleading on condition of premise, so please be honest about condition even send photos or we will do our best to do an inspection in person.



Carpet Cleaning Price Guide-

5 Rooms: $330 INC

4 Rooms: $264 INC

3 Rooms: $198 INC

2 Rooms: $132 INC

1 Room:    $66 INC

* These Rates include, pre vac & pre-treatment

*Discounts apply to tenants for Carpet Cleaning

 Stain Removal: $66 P/H INC


Mould Remediation & Clean Price Guide:

 Clean: $356.4 INC per standard size room     (3mx3.5m)    (Approx. $34 P/m2)

*Prices will vary in price due to size of room and extent of Mould

 1 Diffuser $440 INC for every 24-hour cycle for a room size up to 90 m2, extra cycles required for every 90m2.

Pressure Cleaning Price Guide:

$132 INC P/H


  Rates current as of 2/11/2022



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