Bond & Vacate cleaning guide.

When we give you a quote it is our base rate with little extra or excessive cleaning to be done.

Areas that are NOT factored into your quote and that will potentially affect your quote and/ or final invoice:

walls and roof - have the kids used them as a towel or drawing board?

  • Showers – does it look as good as you do after a shower?

  •  Blinds- have they seen better days?

  • Kitchen: Is it as clean as the plates in the dishwasher?

These are a only few areas that overall in dirty/poor condition that can change the outcome, we will also need to allocate time to do i.e. good assessment of the house overall, will help determine time & price.

Essentially if visually looking at your house and over looks dirty than a good chance it will see the quoted price potentially increase on final invoice at a minimum of 25-50%, if bad enough condition, it could get up to 120% increase. These percentage rates are based on historical cleans and the time it takes to get it to the standard required.

We do have a 50% option for payment if this happens to be the case, and it will be required upfront with 24 hours of issue of invoice, so please check your spam box, as invoices are issued same day of clean, and this only applies to cleans that go over base rate.

A summary on average how long a standard clean can take:

  • 3&4bed -1&2 bathrooms: 12-13.5-man hours

  • 1&2 bedrooms: 6–7-man hours

A house in poor condition can get up to 20-24 hours of man hours, more in rare cases.

These times will change depending on how many personnel onsite and experience of cleaning company.

Helpful tip:

Save your money from the onset of signing your lease $1.5-$2 per day ($14 per week) can cover your bond or part of your bond clean, this helps at the end of your lease to cover your clean.



Disclaimer: This information is general in nature, and is not to be misused