Our Bond & Vacate Cleaning Service aims to reduce the turnaround for getting bonds back with minimal down time on tenancy turn around for real-estates and landlords. We do this by ensuring the cleaning is done thoroughly the first time.


We have structured our time and pricing to ensure the correct time is taken to get properties to the high standard required, as these types of cleans are not just a simple wipe over and can be quite extensive.


Pricing will change according to condition; premises in poorer condition will require longer to clean and pricing will reflect this.

We prefer to aim for quality rather than quantity.

We also offer  add on services -

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Pressure Cleaning

  • Mould Treatment & Removal

  • Rubbish Removal

Please make us aware at the time of you enquiry that you may need one or more of these services,  so we can allocate the time and add to the quote.

We do have a 50% option for payment if cleans exceed the base rate we charge or quote, and it will be required upfront with 24 hours of issue of invoice, so please check your spam box, as invoices are issued same day of clean, and this only applies to cleans that go over base rate.

This is to ensure we get the clean done properly and the time is taken.

If you wish for us to deal directly with your property manager, (Which we would prefer) please advise them of this. We will also leave a call back card with our details on it for the agent.


We take every reasonable solution/method to clean to a standard that does not damage property, and to a high standard.

 If we need to use a method that has potential to damage property to get it to the standard required, we will leave a condition report to that effect and abandon the task.

If you require any of the add on services, please notify us at the time of booking so we can ensure we allocate time & add it to the quote. 

We also encourage clients or agents to directly contact us immediately if there are any issues found after a clean is done so we can rectify it as soon as possible.

Attention Tenants: 

If you are considering hiring us, we aim to clean to real estate's standard they require of us to ensure you get your bond back, so if you give us a list of items to only do a partial end of lease that does not cover a full end of lease clean, you will be required to sign a waiver with the list of items that kingdom kleaning are only responsible for, all other items not required to be cleaned by us if the real estate deems those items unsatisfactory, we are under no obligation to return to clean these items.

You will be required to send the waiver to your real estate real estate agent prior to clean commencing, to ensure they are aware of the arrangement.


On a full bond clean If premise is found to be in worse condition than stated regardless of quote,   anywhere between  25%-120%  mark up of the quoted price  will be automatically added to your final invoice, based on the condition of the house and extra time taken.

Attention Agents: 

On all our bond cleans we leave a call back card, this is to contact us directly in a timely manner so we can rectify any items that need more attention or even to double check with us anything you are unsure about.

This will be left on bench tops for your convenience.

This is to make sure the rental and bond is finalized ASAP.  We are a business and can be quite busy, this gives us time to organize to come back in an efficient timely manner, this is also to assist for a quick turnaround.

If failing to do so, we may not be able to return to  finalize bond and rental premise  which will prolong turn around on bond return for tenants and new tenancy affecting land lord revenue, this is a simple tool to  notify  us if we need to return,  soon as anything is noticed that we may need to return for, even if its even a simple text message soon as you observe anything.

For every day taken for us to be notified leaves a good chance we have booked out and time won't be available.



Image by Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd.
Image by Andrea Davis


Before we arrive

  • Please ensure the premise is fully vacated so we can allow enough time to get your clean done.

  • Allow at least 48 hours between bond cleaning and carpet cleaning to make sure the bond clean gets completed prior to carpet cleaners arriving. Us having to return later may interfere with carpet cleaning or other booked services and this may incur extra charges.

  • Additional services to bond cleaning are: pressure cleaning,carpet cleaning,Mould Cleaning &  rubbish removal, ifthese items are required to be done and if you wish to deal with us rather than outsourcing.

  • If flea treatment is required, please use a carpet cleaner that can do it, as we do not flee treatment at this stage.


Other services we offer